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Title: Forsaken Eyes
Author: Shivika ([livejournal.com profile] spiritcoda)
Collection: Ray of Life - Shivika's Corner

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Images blur, and the thoughts fade away,
As the years pass, so do the familiar faces,
Cascade of time, yet it seems to have no end,
Consuming us like the flames of fury,

The fear we have to face,
Is the worries that wrinkles our mind,
Yet there I stand among them,
Belief, a single shed of hope,
That I might have the boldness,
To dance with the might of the wind,

Faces, things, it all might fade away,
Yet my heart still has your imprint,
You can never be forgotten,
Nor the wind or time,
Could ever erase those eyes,
The memories of delight.

Taken from : collection of poems (Ray of Life)

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Your eyes, my eyes,
Finding that moment,
Holding on, as they grace over you,

Deep breathe, heart beats,
Sliding your hand around my waist,
Smiling, laughing where are those moments now,
Closer as you get,
Moments were like years,
Kisses so smooth, melts in to me,
Took me again and again, to places I never been,
I know that I have loved you,
For as long as I could remember,
Only the color of your eyes raised,
Placing your hand on my heart....

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He raised his head to see her face,
The eyes, a dark blue ocean of mystery,
Washed his thoughts aside, as her lips brushed his cheek,
Whispers and laughs filled the air,
The urges he could no longer control,
Brushing the hair aside, he held her tight,
Was this the last time… he knew this dream…


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