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In life there are two paths, whether you choose which one to follow, good or bad at the end there will always be another turning point. I know I had and when you do find that path... you can accomplish great things. Make yourself happy, I learned that from someone... Live life as if it was your first...moment...

Chapter one
Treasure moments and never let them go... forget the ones you couldn't have...because you cannot always be crying over spilled milk... Let your self be happy.. you deserve to be happy, at least you deserve that much in your life...
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I don't I did get anytime to actually do a personal post on Livejournal, it was full of screencap posts for Beya. I would have to blame on life, but I couldn't do that. Since for the first time I'm actually having a good time. It's exhausting, cruel at time, that I could complain on and on about, yet it was challenge.

I learned one thing, I should try to listen and think before I speak. That is one moral, think before you say something, since those words could have a serious consequence. I know I might have hurt people along the way, so if I did I'm sorry for that.

Next to discuss is my textures, so what did happen to them, well don't worry people, its back and will be getting back.. from this week onwards, below are just a few of the things I'm sorting out

- New icon textures to be posted this week or end of this week
- New wallpaper Textures to be posted next week (during the beginning)
- [livejournal.com profile] sga_beya will be having a final season 1 thing, and a challenge which is posted and so need to work on those.. (fun , fun... )
- Need to get a new layout for livejournal and a new banner, try to work out some new layouts
- Illustrator tutorials to be posted on my journal and other communities
- icons for John & Teyla, new films, and falling skies (which is getting so cool these days)
- new fandom stuff to be posted by next week
- daily poems blog

Okay so a lot of stuff, that I might miss.. but it was great that I thought of doing this, so I know what I should do and what you can expect...

So let the fun begin.. and if anyone wants a tutorial... for photoshop or illustrator please do let me know by commenting on this post
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I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays...
May these holidays shower you with joy and happiness...

Click here for the large image


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Hey everyone...
I guess you must be wondering what ever happened to me... sorry for the late posting. Just been busy with moving. As I had mentioned I have moved to my home country Sri lanka... so just got settled so I was only replying to post.
So finally I am free and able to post. Please do look forward to more icon and wallpaper textures coming your way, with some great new aspect to Nature that I would like to dedicate. Coming down here to Sri lanka has inspired me a lot. Please do find below some pictures.... of a lake that is just behind my new place. Its so cool and pleasant, you feel so relaxed. But life is hard here just like any other country.

Click here for Larger Size )

So please do bare with me on this transition.
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I know Its been a long time, since I have updated my livejournal, dont worry I have just been busy with work.
The company I work for has beeb implementing a new system. So I got the wonderful task in its process

So life, well I have to say has been good for me this year. As I reflect back, I found and met so many new friends right here on Livejournal.
And the other most exciting news is that I have met the love of my life. He is amazing, and everyone I learn so much, just how to be loved and how to love.

I guess we are driven to walk on this earth not knowing anything, but meeting him has opened my eyes to how much it means to find the right one in your life.
Well I finally managed to post some of my icons sets, and new wallpaper for John & Teyla.
OH.. almost forgot to mention of my twitter...

So want to follow up on my updates, I am trying to get used to the fact of using TWITTER.... its fun and I seem to have a lot of followers.
WEBSITe- seriously I have been so neglecting the fact that my site is so not updated. Well this weekend I have put that as my first priority.

I have more artwork and textures I need to post. Especially the christmas stuff I am planning to post by today evening or by christmas day.

Well got to run, Work work you know
Hope everyone is having a wonder holidays this year. I know its the eve of christmas today and I know everyone must be still doing the last minute of shopping ... I know I have too...
Well here is picture of my new christmas tree... my cousin did most of decorations...

Well have a great day everyone...
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well i just think my boss was made just to work me to death.... I mean come on, I am only human for god sake. And the other thing I hate about him, is that whenever he wants something done from me... he gives me this sheepish smile... that I simply cannot argue. 

Another weekend... I have to work... simply perfect... I was so looking forward to making some icons... 

as it goes...


My mom is another thing i have to worry, she is so fussing about stuff that really... I dont care about. I work my butt off for her and my brother... but no... now she wants me to settle down... get married... 

I just feel as if I am not ready.. a couple of my friends just have boyfriends.. so nobody is really in a big hurry... and I just feel I need more time... to get my life sorted first... 

Can you imagine.. she is actually looking for guys for me... this is so unfair.. and you know you can never say no to your mom... 
oh well i just have to make some excuses.. again... 

well I am off, work..work and more work... I see coming my way.. 
Have a great weekend.. everyone... 
I should have some more wallpaper textures out soon.. I have been working on them.. just didnt have the time to post them yet.. 



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