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Hey everyone...
I guess you must be wondering what ever happened to me... sorry for the late posting. Just been busy with moving. As I had mentioned I have moved to my home country Sri lanka... so just got settled so I was only replying to post.
So finally I am free and able to post. Please do look forward to more icon and wallpaper textures coming your way, with some great new aspect to Nature that I would like to dedicate. Coming down here to Sri lanka has inspired me a lot. Please do find below some pictures.... of a lake that is just behind my new place. Its so cool and pleasant, you feel so relaxed. But life is hard here just like any other country.

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So please do bare with me on this transition.
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Well its halloween time.. 
totally cool, I got this cool party tomorrow night, its basically a costume party, but I am still deciding as to what I should go as. 
*.... sigh....* I have no idea... seesh I better get something tonight, I would be stuck with my last years one "Witch"... 

I spent this whole week sniffing and coughing... got this damn flu going around here is such a drag. Nearly everyone in my office has got it...So naturally its my turn. 

Supernatural is totally rocking my world, is it me or just that every episode is getting better. I had a blast watching bad day... and so funny. 

Stargate atlantis... is also rocking for me... that moment with John and teyla's hug... it was definately a moment... this would be great for my new video I have been working on... 

I finally managed to get my Season 10 of Stargate SG-1, its  so great... I just finished the first DVD.. and its just amazing... now I finally have the cips for making my Daniel and vala vid... I seem to have neglected those two. But I think I will wait till I have seen the last episode. 

Bloodties... hmmm.. well I didnt like last weeks one.. but I so loved this weeks episode... the moment Vicky was crying out, and Henry knowing that she would die for Mike... was kind of sad. But you never know.. what would come up next.  Is it me or that Henry (kyle) keeps looking more hotter on every episode... ?

Well thats the run down so far... now let me see my new stuff

Well I started watching Flash Gordon.. just out of curiosity since I used to watch the cartoon. I think its really nice, kind of reminds me of SLIDERS... but definately Flash is really cute.

oh well got to run... kind of in my lunch break right now... so need to buzz back to my desk for some more paper work... 

have a great halloween everyone .. just in advance.


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