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Gift Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] stormofwolves
Category: Video
Title: Let me love you
Author: [livejournal.com profile] spiritcoda
Rating: PG-13
Characters/ Pairing: John & Teyla
Warning: A lot of kissing scenes
Size: wmv- 115mb, flv- 42.7mb
Format: wmv and flv

letmeloveyou )
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Gift for: [livejournal.com profile] wikked_angel_78
Category: Fan Video
Title: No Air
Author: [livejournal.com profile] spiritcoda
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The Characters etc, of SGA don't belong to us. for fun, not profit
Size: HD Large- 108Mb, medium size- 51.7Mb,
File Format, HD large- wmv, medium size-mp4

Links-Check this post on Beya or
From my site HD Size
From my site Medium Size
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I guess I have been a little behind in my vids, so here is my latest
Something Right

Song: Something Right
Artist: Westlife
Summary:  Only John & Teyla will ever know that they are doing something right... knowing that they want each other so much
Spoilers: Mostly taken from Season 4, 3 and clips from one as well

Download Links

File Front:
My Server (Website) Right Click Save Target As: SomethingRight

Comments & feedback is so much loved here everyone...
Have a great day...

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Finally I got my free time to finish my video, I tried to take as many new clips I could...
Here goes,

Song: Just So You Know
Artist: Jesse McCartney

Links for download
From my server: (Right Click Save Target As) Just so you know
eSnips page (for live view & download): Just so u know.wmv

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Well I am back with a new video to John & Teyla

Song: Army Of Lovers
Artist: Lee Ryan

Download Links:
From My Server: (Right Click Save As) Army of Lovers
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Well I thought I try something different... This video is dedicated to John and his team... kind of action vid... my brother recommended this song...

Song: Paper Cut
Artist: Linkin Park

From My Server: (Right Click Save Target As) Paper Cut

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Here is another video dedicated to John & Teyla, I just can't wait till season 3 comes out... i really need more clips now... 

Song: Back Here
Artist: BBMak

From My Server: (Right Click Save Target As) Back Here

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Well hey everyone, and thanks for everyone support... well here is another of my video to John & Teyla and with my best group Westlife

Song: Soledad
Artist: Westlife

From My Server (Right Click Save Target As) Soledad

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Well out of my usual westlife, I decided to do some other artist.... hope you guys like this one...

Song: I Will Always Return
Artist: Bryan Adams


From my Server (Righ Click Save Target As) I Will Always Return

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Hey... I thought I might just try out something different... so when I heard this song... it just called out to me... 

Song: Remember me
Artist: Josh Groban

From my Server (Right Click Save Target As) Remember Me

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Well I am back again with another cool video. I was just listening to this song by westlife.. and thought it would be great... 

Song: Amazing
Artist: Westlife
Vidder: [personal profile] spiritcoda
Summary: John & Teyla They are Amazing together
Characters: John & Teyla
Category: Romance, drama
Format: wmv
Size: 13.7 MB

From My Server (Righ click Save As) Amazing

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Well hey everyone... I am so glad I got such cool watchers.. well here is my fourth video for John & Teyla
Please tell me what you think of it.

Song: Lay your hands by Simon Webbe
Size: 19.6 MB
Format: WMV

From My Server (Right Click Save Target As)Lay Your Hands

Thanks a lot
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I would like to thanks all those who commented on my videos... thanks alot...well I am back with another vide... Hope you like this one also...I am huge fan of westlife... I just love their songs...

File: Hit you with the real thing
Sony: by Westlife
Size: 25.4 mb
Format: wmv

From My Server (Right Click Save Target As)Hit You with the Real Thing 
(sorry about the file being big... but I tried to give it a good quality)
Well this video is different i tried to put more action to them than the last ones.... I am trying out new characters... too..
*Feedback is so much loved Thanks..
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Hey everyone, I guess your all must be busy with someone special, well for me I am spending it alone this year... Well here is my second Video dedicated to all those fans of John & Teyla.. and their love.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL... Hope you like this, please tell me what you think of it...

Song: If I Let You Go 
Artist: Westlife
Videos from Season 1 & 2

From my Server (Right click Save Target As) If I Let You Go

Thanks alot...

Have a great day

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Hey everyone.. I would like to thank my two friends for their comments... i am sorry I haven't replied.. just been very busy... But hey I am back... I just had time to finish my first cool video of Stargate Atlantis dedicated to John & Teyla... and their true love.. that lives on.... Hey Nicole you were my inspiration.. thanks a lot...

Song: No Worries by Simon Webbe
Videos from Stargate Atlantis season 1 & 2

From My Server (Right Click Save Target As) NO WORRIES

Well please leave your comments... i would really appreciate it.. thanks a lot...


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